15 12 2021

FERTIMANURE is organizing brainstorm sessions with relevant stakeholders

Since October 2021 FERTIMANURE project has been organizing brainstorm sessions involving different stakeholders (research institutions, agricultural producers, fertilizer industries, policy makers, etc.). The aim of these sessions was to help us going a step forward in catalyzing the list of barriers and opportunities currently present in the market.

Having the direct input of relevant stakeholders is of crucial importance for the development of strong business plans and business models that will maximize strengths and opportunities and, on the other hand, will avoid threats and weaknesses that come from the bio-based/mineral fertilizers competition and/or within the new product development process.

The main content of the brainstorm sessions included a general overview of the FERTIMANURE project, an explanation of the different on-farm pilots and the FERTIMANURE fertilising products that we are obtaining, current and upcoming regulatory framework and finally a specific questionnaire on market uptake was shared with the attendants to collect relevant information. At this point, 6 different brainstorm sessions have been organized in: Spain, France, Croatia, Belgium (2) and Argentina, having involved more than 100 stakeholders. During early 2022 additional sessions will be organized in The Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

The following link goes to the “FERTIMANURE Questionnaire on market uptake”: https://ips-konzalting.surveysparrow.com/s/Market-analysis–specially-designed-questionnaire-ENG/tt-065736. We invite you all to open this link and share your opinion with us!