16 12 2020

‘Fertilisers from wastewater’ an award winning concept

Run4Life is an EU project focused on recovering fertilisers from domestic wastewaters and kitchen waste. By separating toilet-wastewater (black water), other domestic wastewater (grey water) and kitchen waste at the source, nutrients can more efficiently be recovered. With the technologies applied in Run4Life the nutrients from the toilet-wastewater and kitchen waste are safely converted into fertiliser products. In 4 cities in Europe this concept is applied at full scale in different configurations. […]

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This year, 2 of the demonstration sites were awarded prizes for their innovative approach towards wastewater. In Ghent, the Nieuwe Dokken district, black water and food waste are treated separately from the grey water, recovering biogas and several mineral fertiliser products. Grey water is treated together with the effluent, for reuse in a nearby industry. Nieuwe Dokken, with a scale of around 1200 people, is managed by project partner DuCoop. They have won 3 awards; silver in the category ‘Business Process’ of the European Business Awards for the Environment , silver for the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment and the National winner of the Energy Globe Award.

Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg have been building a new district for around 1800 people where wastewaters are collected in a three pipe sewer system. The blackwater, greywater and kitchen waste are separately treated at the local RecoLab to recover biogas, several organic and mineral fertiliser products and water. Project partner NSVA manages this demonstration site, that that received the ‘Smart City Implementation’ award. This award is granted to the most innovative implementations in the Smart City market.

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