19 01 2022

Ferticycle launched a survey for the farming sector

Researchers from FertiCycle and ReFlow joined forces to tap into networks of both consortia and maximize the research output. Sergio Garmendia Lemus (ReFlow/European Landowners Organisation) and Egor Moshkin (FertiCycle/DLV – part of United Experts) teamed up to conduct a widespread farmer survey across EU. […]

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The aim of the survey is twofold: 1) to identify the reasons behind the decisions to adopt or not adopt new bio-based fertilisers, and 2) to quantify the value that farmers assign to newly developed bio-based fertilisers.

The aspects of the survey are complementary and promise to provide data that would help to deepen understanding of bio-based fertilisers market and serve as a basis for development of marketing strategies, policy recommendations and guidelines, thus providing necessary insights and tools that could facilitate development of bio-based fertilisers market.

This survey is designed for the ones active in farming as well as agricultural advisors, as the development of bio-based fertiliser industry should be done taking into the account opinions and preferences of actual stakeholders. Participate in survey and make your contribution to the transition to a more sustainable agriculture in Europe.

Together we can do better for the future of sustainable agriculture; please take the survey, share the project link with your friends & network. Your participation and answers will be treated strictly confidentially.

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Our online survey is available in several languages 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreements No.860127 and No.814258