01 03 2021

FertiCycle held a winter school in collaboration with Nutri2Cycle

FertiCycle looks to develop the next generation of researcher to fill the gaps in processing, application and assessment of waste driven-nutrients to high-quality bio-based fertilisers. 

The EU funded FertiCycle International Training Network has kicked-off its formal training program with a ‘Winter School’ course, in collaboration with the H2020 EU Project Nutri2Cycle, designed to provide participants with important basic insights into the research and development needed in the bio-based fertiliser technology industry.  The course is aimed at introducing students to the management, treatment, and up-cycling of bio-waste into valuable, bio-based fertiliser products.  It highlights the importance of political, legislative, and economic drivers as well as market mechanisms.

The topics of the course include:

  • Global nutrient flows and cycling in food systems
  • The role of EU policy frameworks in the transition toward nutrient recycling
  • Technologies in nutrient recovery from organic residues
  • Effect of bio-based fertilizers produced from organic waste on soil fertility and quality
  • Agricultural and environmental performance of bio-based fertilizers
  • Modeling and optimization of nutrient recovery and soil dynamics: Predicting the behavior of bio-based fertilizers
  • Environmental impact assessment on the production and use of bio-based fertilizers
  • Economics of bio-based fertilizer products and mineral counterparts

25 European academic experts in the field of bio-based fertiliser topics lead the course.  Scheduled for February and March 2021, the course is held one every week (half-day) and includes lectures from experts, discussion break-outs, plenum discussions and collaborative activities.  The plenary is only for students, however the lectures are open to all interested researchers and industry leaders.