21 01 2021

FertiCycle 1st ‘Virtual Winter-school’ in collaboration with Nutri2Cycle. S1 – Waste processing and up-cycling concepts

Research on the management, treatment and up-cycling of bio-waste into valuable bio-based fertiliser products is currently one of the hot topics in the Bioeconomy sector.

Following up the success of the I international summer school “Transition towards a more carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus efficient agriculture in Europe” the II international winter school “Waste processing and up-cycling concepts” will be organised online in the frame of the FERTICYCLE AND NUTRI2CYCLE projects.  The course will provide the participants with important insights in the R&D needed in the bio-based fertiliser technology industry, farming sector implementation barriers and public administration and international organizations challenges

Do not miss the opportunity to attend the next session on ‘Technology in Nutrient Recovery from Organic Waste‘, which will be held Wednesday 17 February from 14:00 to 15:30 CET. During this sessions, experts form the sector will be discussing manures as a resource for energy, anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery techniques.

Do not miss the chance to join us and participate to this interesting discussion.

More inspiring sessions will follow.. Check out the full programme here!