19 03 2019

FaST: a new tool for sustainable use of nutrients

In the framework of the new Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) 2021-2027, a new tool is being developed to help farmers manage the use of nutrients in their farms in a more sustainable way.

FaST (Farm Sustainability Tool for Nutrients) aims to make the use of fertilisers more sustainable for farmers in the EU, while boosting the digitisation of the agriculture sector. It is a digital tool, free of charge, which will provide farmers with detailed information on the selected parcels, including crops, the number of animals, the amount of manure generated by them. Data related to nutrient management, such as legal limits on the use of nutrients as well as data on soil and protected areas will also be available. The aim of the tool is to provide farmers with recommendations on crop fertilization. In doing so, it will contribute to increase environmental benefits by reducing nutrient leakage in ground water as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, farmers will be able to better estimate the real need of fertilization in crops and this will lead to an increase in their efficiency.

This tool will be tailored on each EU country in order to ensure that it will consider local conditions, existing knowledge and expected benefits.

FaST will contribute to reach the ambitious targets of the proposal CAP for environmental and climate action as well as the digitalization of the agricultural sector.