22 07 2022

F-Cubed: Combustion Testing of Biofuel Pellets

The solid fuel pellets generated from the hydrothermal treatment and dewatering of the paper sludge, olive pomace and orange peel feedstocks have undergone combustion testing led by F-CUBED partner HEAT Systems in Ireland in June 2022. The testing was supported by colleagues from TNO who performed online gas analysis. […]

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The combustion testing of the biofuel pellets was conducted in a rotary kiln at a temperature of approximately 700 °C which generated raw gases such as CO2, CO, CH4 for analysis. Parameters that were adjusted included temperature, feeding capacity and residence time. All three fuels performed very well and were processed continuously at stable conditions for a period of several hours. In addition to gas analysis, tars (pyrolysis oil-like compounds) and resulting ashes were quantified and collected for characterization.

Performance testing of the biofuel pellets is an important part of the F-CUBED project because it not only provides information about the characteristics and combustibility of the biofuel pellets and, therefore, their suitability for use as a fuel, but also informs the life cycle assessment (LCA) of the entire process. Data collected from the combustion analyses, such as the amount and type of emissions and by-products, will allow Care For Engineering to more accurately assess the sustainability and environmental impact of the F-CUBED process.