19 02 2019

End-of-Waste: a new business platform for valorization of organic by-products from agro-bio-food sector.

Closing the loop of organic waste, while encouraging and facilitating Science-2-Business (S-2-B) collaborations. That is the main goal of the End-of-waste (EoW) platform, which tackles the challenge of valorization of organic by-products from agro-bio-food sector.

Initiated by UGent in 2018, the EoW is especially oriented to handle organic and biological streams and their transformation into higher value products in sectors such as food, feed, agro, cosmetic, textiles, chemicals like:

  • antimicrobial, antioxidative additives,
  • colorants/pigments
  • fertilizers and soil enhancers
  • fibers and oils replacing synthetic products
  • bio-based chemicals
  • other bio-based substitutes for fossil resources.

The platform will maximize the synergistic approach between industry and academy, improving the efficiency of processes and stimulating the transition towards circular and sustainable (bio)economy.

Currently the EoW platform gathers a multidisciplinary consortium of 32 driven professors and researchers from UGent and HoGent.

For further information, please contact:

Ir. Kamila Mascart

Business Developer – End-of-Waste – Circular Bio-economy

Ghent University

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Coupure Links 653, block B, 6th floor

Mobile: +32 493 21 16 20

E-mail: kamila.mascart@ugent.be