22 06 2021

Ecofunco Multi stakeholders platform

After months of research, ECOFUNCO is ready to share its Multi-stakeholders platform. The platform has been thought as a collection of already existing and verified sources, such as open platforms to find partners for collaborations, and lists of websites and key actors providing verified data on the sector of bio-based economy, with a specific attention to bio-based coatings and bioplastics. […]

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The main objective of ECOFUNCO is, in facts, to develop new bio-based coating materials for cellulosic and plastic substrates. The partners are selecting and extracting functionalised molecules (such as active organic molecules, proteins, polysaccharides and cutin) from low-valorised and highly available biomass, such as tomato, legumes, watermelon or shrimps.

To maximise the stakeholders engagement and the impact of the project, the partners agreed on the development of a Multi-Stakeholders Platform. The idea behind the platform is to collect and categorise relevant information for stakeholders interested in circular and bio-based economy.

To collect the right relevant information, the partners indicated the most fundamental interactions for ECOFUNCO and the sectors stakeholders. Eight preference were expressed: official news and reports about the sector, tech and product marketplaces, technology transfer companies, funding and tender opportunities, brief data about policies and legislation, projects working on the topic of bio-based economy, find partners for creating consortia and events.

Therefore, ECOFUNCO platform is based on three key concepts: providing a solid knowledge base and tools for information sharing, facilitating stakeholder engagement, and promoting inter-sectorial dialogue.

To promote the transitioning from research to industrial application, the platform also features a list of organisations specialised in technology transfer. In order to increase the exchange among different stakeholders, external providers can submit an application to be included in the list and be showcased on the page.

You can visit the platform here: https://stakeholders.ecofunco.eu

ECOFUNCO official page: https://www.ecofunco.eu

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ECOFUNCO_BBI

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ecofunco-bbi