22 07 2022

ECOFUNCO hosts the 1st conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Coatings

In the historical context of a former Benedictine convent in Pisa, Italy, ECOFUNCO partners organized the 1st conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable coatings. […]

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During the conference, ECOFUNCO partners, guided by Patrizia Cinelli, project coordinator, had the opportunity to share the main findings of the project: the development of a sustainable bio-based and compostable coatings to be applied on bioplastics and cellulose substrates to reach the same properties of fossil-based packaging materials. Also, the use of nanofibrils to add antimicrobial properties to tissues has been developed and tested.

The conference was open to all the research community interested in the topics of materials from renewable resources, sustainable coatings, biodegradability, recyclability and sustainability, packaging with enhanced barriers, active packaging, health care cosmetics applications and electrospinning.

Held on 17 and 18 June 2022, 31 speakers presented their research activities to more than 100 attendees.

In order to foster the cooperation between European projects, a session of the conference was dedicated to the funded projects FISH4FISH, PRESERVE, RECOVER, PROLIFIC and Agrimax. They had the opportunity to explain their objectives and give insights on their activities.

The Advisory Board from ECOFUNCO had been invited as well. Francisco Vilaplana from KTH in Sweden presented the work of its research group on enzymatic upgrade of biomass; Vera Álvarez from INTEMA-CONICET in Argentina illustrated the progress of biopolymeric materials for sustainable agricultural applications, while María José López from the University of Almería presented the power of synergistic interactions between organisms for plastics recycling and degradation.

A complete playlist of the recorded speeches is now available on YouTube on the ECOFUNCO channel https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcF5KOs1BkhB7utOzUTLLpctvkQ0nPuQM. Soon, also the presentations can be downloaded from the ECOFUNCO website page https://www.ecofunco.eu/ecofunco-final-event.