25 10 2021

ECOFUNCO: Enhancing natural biopolymers to improve bio-based coatings

ECOFUNCO objective is to extract and functionalise molecules from biomass sources to develop new bio-based coatings for cellulosic and plastic substrate. The team of researchers behind ECOFUNCO is working tirelessly to develop new materials and to adapt already available techniques to the current and foreseen market requirements

ECOFUNCO gave the opportunity to its researchers to directly explain the major features of their discoveries.

Emmanuel Asare And Ipsita Roy (University of Sheffield, UK) gave an insight on bacterial cellulose. This cellulose, derived from acetic acid producing bacteria, has a wide variety of applications, from biomedical engineering to food packaging.

At the same time, Vito Gigante (University of Pisa, Italy) is studying hot-melt formulations that are bio-based and solvent free, thus making food applications of biopolymer coatings safer for our health and for the planet.

Read the article from Emmanuel Asare and Ipsita Roy: “Bacterial cellulose: a green biodegradable polymer with many varied applications

Read the article from Vito Gigante: “Hot melt coatings to improve the recyclability of paper and plastic