19 08 2021

Discover SCALIBUR’s results

To ensure a better understanding of SCALIBUR’s results and facilitate the uptake of successful solutions, short factsheets are being developed.

The factsheets describe the challenges SCALIBUR’s partners try to overcome within the project, highlight the innovative aspects of the solutions proposed, as well as the main advantages of the results obtained. And to facilitate the uptake of suitable solutions, contact details of technical experts can directly be found on the documents.

This process is still at an early stage, with only one factsheet finalised so far. This first factsheet focuses on the sensors for biowaste degradation monitoring developed by ITENE, the coordinating beneficiary of the project. Within this one pager presentation of the sensors, the importance of monitoring the level of degradation of biowaste is highlighted and we explain to what extend the innovative solution proposed by ITENE is relevant.

By the end of the year, all nineteen results of SCALIBUR will be summarised and available online on the project’s website here.