22 06 2022

Circular Agronomics: investigating different innovative technologies to close nutrient loops

At Circular Agronomics we aim to reduce environmental impacts by maintaining agricultural productivity. Therefore, we have investigated different innovative technologies to close nutrient loops, increase their efficiency in usage and reduce associated emissions. Several processes were piloted since the project’s start. The next step is to extrapolate our findings from the pilot-scale to existing large-scale operations.

These technologies are: solar drying of digestates, microsieving/microfiltration of digestate, recovery of mineral N via degasification, phosphate and potassium recovery in the form of K-struvite and the application of novel membranes for acid whey treatment and valorisation.

If you would like to implement one of these technologies or are interested in learning more about them you can download our five factsheets here https://www.circularagronomics.eu/innovative-technologies-to-close-nutrient-loops/