31 03 2023

Circular Agronomics – Exploitation Brochure

Based on the concept studies on commercial exploitation, KWB has developed and designed the final exploitation brochure for all five technologies to announce the key facts per technology. Each technology is described with a short description of the corresponding pilot plant and the product composition. Key operation parameters and unique selling points for each technology are given.

Building on the conducted concept studies, an overview of the economics, including the investment and operational costs, is given. Therefore, a hypothetical full-scale plant with a capacity of 15 m3/h input material was assumed to make the specific costs per m3 input material slightly comparable between the technologies. Additionally, the final brochure includes an “Exploitation Roadmap” to classify the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) for each technology and give an overview of the following steps to reach commercial implementation. With the end of the Circular Agronomics project, three technologies have a TRL of 5-6 (K-struvite recovery, acid whey treatment, vacuum degasification) and two technologies with a TRL 7-8 (solar-drying and microfiltration).

Take a look to the Brochure here.