16 03 2020

Bulk biogas production from grass

Biogas production from grass is possible, but it suffers from several technical hurdles like litter and sand content, floating layers and fibers getting caught in the digester’s impellers. Therefore, the GRASSIFICATION project is proposing a low-cost, bulk cell for biogas production from roadside grass clippings.

The 200-T pilot will allow processing and valorisation of without the need for previous storage. Biogas yield and conversion into renewable heat and electricity obtained from treated grass waste will be measured through gass flow analysis. Production of 100 Nm3 of biogas per tonne of grass waste (50-60% CH4; 500-600 kWh/t calorific value converted in 200-250 kWh electricity / ton waste + 200-250 kWh heat / ton waste) is antecipated as compared to a 0 baseline currently in practice (no valorisation).

GRASSIFICATION is at the moment conducting a second batch for bulk biogas production from roadside grass clippings. To know more about this technology, visit the project’s page and read the document D 1.3.1 System preparation. In coming months, the results obtained with biogas production in the designed cell will also be made available.