16 02 2021

BCE webinar series

Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, the Biorefine Cluster Europe is developing innovative ways to continue engaging and informing you on project activities and results from our community.

To this aim, the Biorefine Cluster Europe launched the ‘BCE webinar series’, a platform offering additional inspiration and exchange of views around biobased resource recovery from nutrient recycling to water recovery, from renewable energy to value chain assessment, from biochemicals to biomaterials. […]

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The first webinar was held on 24 February and gathered Nutri2Cycle, Circular Agronomics, Lifedop and PocketPower under the same topic: Sustainability and carbon footprint in the dairy farms‘ .The session was moderated by Giuliana D’Imporzano, Project manager LIFE DOP at University of Milano.

During the webinar, Lifedop showed that it is possible to lower the environmental footprint of milk and cheese production in the context of the two major Italian PDOs: Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano. As for Nutri2Cycle, SM. Ashekuzaman, researcher from TEAGASC, presented the latest updates from the field trials conducted in Ireland on reducing fossil-based fertilizer inputs by incorporation of recycled nutrients from various by-products. Tine Vergote, adviser at Biogas-E and a fresh PhD graduate within the Pocket Power project, showcased how farm scale anaerobic digestion can reduce farm specific GHG emissions. The event ended with the presentation from Paolo Mantovi, who discussed microfiltered digestate to fertigation: a practice to improve the NUE of dairy manure.