22 05 2020

ALG-AD activities for a long-term impact

The ALG-AD project team has been continuously active during the lockdown period.  The remote working conditions didn’t stop the development of modelling tools, based on real data from microalgal experiments. These modelling tools will be used by the relevant stakeholders interested in the scalable cultivation of microalgae as a solution to remediate digestate and create a valuable biomass.

The long-term work package team worked on preparing the content for a permanent exhibition that will be displayed in Derval during and after the completion of the ALG-AD project. Clara Diebolt from AC3A (France) said “Some of the information we need to get across is quite technical, so the challenge is in making this accessible to all type of audiences.”

Utilising the Facebook platform the ALG-AD communication team was active giving live discussions with key members of the project consortium on the achievements of the project to date. The project received great feedback, interest and engagement from the audience.

Additionally, the programme for a Virtual Open day at the Langage-AD facility (29th June 2020) is finalised. Registration has already started so if you interested please follow this link: http://bit.ly/registration-langage-AD. The ALG-AD team is looking forward to welcoming you on its first public virtual event.