12 04 2019

Agrocycle: final stakeholder event

Agrocycle project is reaching its final stage and a large part of activities is about to be completed. The final stakeholder event was held in the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine facility in Backweston near Dublin on March 29th with the participation of many relevant companies from the agri-food industry such as PepsiCo, Carbery, IRIS, Manor Farm and many more. 

The event ended with closing remarks from Phil Hogan who underlined the importance of our mission, the children’s voice and educational resources. The event represented a perfect opportunity to launch the Agrocycle Platform, one of the most outstanding results of the project. The website is accessible to the public and represents a perfect opportunity for industries to get informed about the circular economy and includes an online platform for trading agri-food waste. The platform was developed with the collaboration of UCD, IRIS, CEMA and Maynooth University and incorporates a dedicated space for teachers who want to educate the young generation on collecting and valorising food waste. There has been a very positive and welcome reaction to the platform from external stakeholders in industry and education.

As part of the Agrocycle Kids mission, the Agrocycle Kids rap was performed live at our final event on March 29th.

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