Value Chain Assessment

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Are green processes and products truly green? This is a central question in the development of a sustainable circular economy that is often overlooked. Processes using bio-based materials or recovered resources as inputs may look sustainable, but can end up having hidden impacts that are only quantified by a value chain assessment. This enables further developments to address the problematic steps of the process and improve its sustainability and applicability in the circular economy.


HIGFLY´s Cross Industry Benefits
25 07 2022
Although the current innovations proposed in HIGFLY are most relevant to the aviation fuel sector, t...
The HIGFLY HiGee Reactor
25 07 2022
Furfural is the main jet fuel precursor and building block in the HIGFLY concept. Current methods to...
Jet fuel production from biobased molecules via catalytic condensation
25 07 2022
Current bio-based alternatives for jet fuel (HVO/HEFA) rely on scarce and geographically dispersed f...


EFIB 2022 (26 October 2022)

On 26-27 October, EFIB2022, the leading annual conference on biotechn...

Bio-based Scaling & Finance Forum Event (04 October 2022)

The event features multiple rounds of live and online sessions where key players along the bio-ba...

Final event AgriWasteValue – Valorisation of agricultural residues

After four and a half years, the AgriWasteValue project is coming to an end.



Biorefine Cluster News Bulletin ‘November 2022’
New-C-Land – Life for marginal lands (NL version)
New-C-Land – Life for marginal lands (FR version)

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