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REGATRACE D5.3 Guidelines on renewable gas sustainability certification
REGATRACE D5.2 Identification of potentials and hot-spot regions
REGATRACE D5.1 Assessment of integrated concepts and identification of key factors and drivers
REGATRACE D4.3 | Harmonised set of rules for the conversion of electricity into biomethane/renewable gas and hydrogen GOs
REGATRACE D4.2 Technical and operational comparison of the biomethane/renewable gas GO system and the electricity GO system
REGATRACE D4.1 Guidelines for the Verification of Cross-Sectoral Concepts
REGATRACE D3.1 Guidelines for establishing national biomethane registries
REGATRACE D2.8 Techno-economic feasibility study on a harmonized system for cross border title-transfer of the renewable character of gas in Europe
REGATRACE D2.6 Report on design study and technical specification for dashboard and trading platform
REGATRACE D2.4 Investigative study of IT system options for harmonized European cross border title-transfer of biomethane/renewable gas
REGATRACE D2.2. Report on content and attributes of GoO
REGATRACE D2.1 Updated Guidelines for creating the European Biomethane GoO