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Lex4Bio – Optimising bio-based fertilisers in agriculture
Lex4Bio – Assessing the phosphorus demand in European agricultural soils based on the Olsen method
LEX4BIO D8.5: Policy Roadmap
LEX4BIO D6.1: Review and assessment of published Life Cycle Assessment studies on bio-based fertilisers
LEX4BIO D6.2: Draft convention for comparable LCA studies of fertilising products manufactured from primary and secondary raw materials
LEX4BIO D6.1: Optimising bio-based fertilisers in agriculture
LEX4BIO D1.1: Dataset of regional NRSS available for producing BBFs in the EU
Lex4Bio – Plant nutrient and harmful heavy metal concentrations in agricultural soils of EU27 and UK
Lex4Bio – Potential Ammonia Volatilization from 39 Different Novel Biobased Fertilizers Applied to Soil – a Laboratory Study Using European Soils
LEX4BIO – Synergy report and action plan – Deliverable 8.3 – D37 – WP8