PIGergy: A novel means of unleashing the energy potential of pig waste

The PIGergy project aspires to close-the-loop in the swine industry, recycling bio-waste through innovative pathways of treatment to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to generate renewable energy.

The project focuses on Ireland and Italy where collectively there were over 10 million pigs in 2016 (Eurostat, 2018). In Ireland alone, almost 3 million tonnes of liquid pig manure is produced on an annual basis. Currently, most of the pig manure produced is land spread, a practice which leads to pressures in terms of sufficiently available land area and the possibility of pollution of surface and ground waters. A viable, sustainable solution for treatment and energy production is urgently required. 

PIGergy aims to develop and validate innovative solutions to treat agricultural (pig/swine) waste, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to produce an energy system to contribute to a sustainable, low carbon, and climate-friendly economy.

GlasPort Bio’s antimicrobial agent is used to treat pig waste in-situ to reduce methane production by >98% (based on preliminary trials); with project partners KiRa Technology using their BioGS micro-CHP system for subsequent renewable energy production. The process also has the added benefit of generating biochar – valuable charcoal used in agriculture.




Project Coordinator

  • GlasPort Bio, Ireland

Project Partners

  • KiRa Technologies, Italy 
  • Azienda Agricola Minotti Ivo & C. SS SOC AGRICOLA, Italy
  • Future Pigs/Green Generation, Ireland