The NUTRIMAN is a Nitrogen and Phosphorus Thematic network compiling knowledge ready for practice for such recovered bio-based fertiliser product applications, practices and technologies, interconnecting applied science and industrial practice, for the user interest and benefits of the agricultural practitioners. NUTRIMAN is focusing on the most urgent needs of organic and low input farming specific agricultural production sectors.

Setting up NUTRIMAN network ensures that when this EU law harmonization is reaching legal adaptation status, as estimated by 2018-2020, the agricultural practitioners already know, have tried and are applying such recovered products in practice.

The project will focus on the exploitation of the N/P nutrient management and recovery potential for the ready for practice cases not sufficiently known by practitioners and make integrated coherence in this strategic priority.

This will contribute to large scale take up of innovative fertilisers from recovered Nitrogen and Phosphorus produced from un-exploited resources of domestic organic or secondary raw materials in line with the circular economy model. The aim is to obtain fertilisers which can be used by agricultural practitioners under market competitive conditions, being efficient from an economic point of view, but also sustainable for the environment.

NUTRIMAN will contribute to replace the old ‘linear’ model of technology transfer (from scientists to the users) in agriculture by an interactive model of systems which integrates knowledge production, adaptation, advice and education between the various actors.


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Project Coordinator 

  • TERRA HUMANA Clean Technology Development, Engineering and Manufacturing Ltd, Hungary 

Project Partners

  • Stichting EFFoST, Netherlands
  • Zuidelijke Land en Tuinbouw Organisatie (Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization), Netherlands
  • Assemblée Permanente des Chambres d'Agriculture, France 
  • Chamber of Agriculture of Charente-Maritime, France 
  • Chamber of Agriculture of Brittany, France 
  • Universiteit Gent, Belgium
  • INAGRO, Provinciaal Extern Verzelfstandigd Agentschap in Privaatrechtelijke Vorm Vzw, Belgium
  • Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, Belgium
  • PCS, Ornamental Plant Research, Belgium
  • Assembly of European Regions Producing Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamental Plants, France
  • Vlaco Vzw, Belgium
  • Fundación CARTIF, Spain 
  • Università degli Studi di Torino – AGROINNOVA, Italy 
  • Institut für Baustoff-Forschung e.V., Germany 
  • The Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute, Poland 
  • Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo, S.L., Spain
  • Nemzeti Agrárgazdasági Kamara / Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, Hungary