Nutribudget – Optimisation of nutrient budget in agriculture

The Horizon Europe NUTRIBUDGET project will develop a prototype of an integrated nutrient management platform (Nutriplatform) that contributes to optimize nutrient use across different agricultural production systems and regions in the EU with the aim to reduce pollution and nutrients losses. This Nutriplatform will operate as a decision-support tool (DST) for farmers, advisors and regional authorities.

In line with the Zero Pollution action plan and the Farm to Fork Strategy, NUTRIBUDGET will help agriculture to intensify sustainably in order to meet the demands of optimising yields without compromising environmental integrity or public health.

The development of the Nutriplatform will be based on the algorithms of two advanced newly developed holistic Nutrimodels that quantify the impact of agronomic mitigation measures to optimize nutrient budget and flow across scales  across elements and nutrients and by looking at various agronomic and environmental targets.

The measures will be derived from existing knowledge, including input from relevant EU projects and new data from field experiments with innovative mitigation measures and combinations thereof that connect animal and crop production via agro-processing industries in 5 pilot regions in 4 different climate regions in Europe

All will be done in co-creation, according to a Nutri-actor approach, with a consortium of 17 partners from 10 countries that are all experts in their respective fields. Thereby, Nutribudget will contribute to systemically optimize nutrient management across different agricultural production systems and regions in the EU to reduce pollution due to the excessive use of nutrients and nutrient losses to the environment.

Project Coordinator

  • Ghent University, Belgium

Project Partners

  • Yara International, Norway
  • Luonnonvarakeskus, Finland
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers, France
  • Arvalis Insitut du Vegetal, France
  • Fundacio Universitaria Balmes - UVIC, Spain
  • Wageningen University, Netherlands
  • Stichting Wageningen Research, Netherlands 
  • The Rural Investment Support for Europe Foundation,  Belgium
  • Universita degli Studi di Milano, Italy 
  • Proman Management Gmbh, Austria 
  • Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Sweden
  • Nutrienten Management Instituut, Netherlands 
  • Acqua & Sole, Italy
  • Impact, Belgium
  • Stockholms Universitet, Sweden 
  • Forschungsinstitut fur Biologischen LAndbau Stiftung, Switzerland