The NUTRI2CYCLE project recognizes Europe’s need to tackle the current nutrient flow gaps in European agro-ecosystems in order to decrease environmental pollution, safeguard the quality of life and improve EU independence for energy and nutrients.

NUTRI2CYCLE addresses these needs by benchmarking the current N, P and C flows as a starting point to re-design (using scenario-analysis) and test new business models in nutrient management (‘prototypes’) to mitigate emissions. These prototypes will be based on a combination of technological advances and their implementation will have diverse impacts on the economy, environment and society at large.

This transdisciplinary project will encompass the entire value chain and will engage all actors along the chain via an interactive stakeholder framework (EIP-OGs). It will also align with a number of relevant EU environmental policy positions to provide scientific support on which regulatory framework will effectively support mitigation solutions and will help to increase independence and self-reliance of Europe for food, energy and nutrients in the next century.

The project is deeply rooted in pevious national and European projects, in which the consortium members were actively involved. The underlying principle is that Nutrient Use Efficency can be significantly improved by integrating on-farm techniques and systems that allow better reconnection between 1) animal husbandry provided flows and 2) plant production requirements. At the same time this reconnection itself will serve a better C-return to soil and GHG-reduction by avoided emissions optionally combined with energy production for self-consumption on-farm.

Main goals

  • Benchmark mass flows of nutrients, organic carbon and GHG-footprint.
  • Provide an assessment frame (toolbox) for evaluating potential impact of proposed innovations.
  • Actively support and optimise concepts, techniques and scenarios put forward in EIP-Operational Groups.
  • Showcase the most promising developments via prototypes and demos.
  • Elaborate strategic scenarios to identify the effect of these innovations at European scale.

NUTRI2CYCLE brings together the extensive expertise of leading experts in the field of nutrient cycling. This collaboration originates from the EIP-Focus Group on Nutrient Recycling, closely interacting with the EIP Operational Groups in the individual EU member states. Better nutrient stewardship engaging all actors across the value chain as envisaged in NUTRI2CYCLE will increase the C, N and P recycling rate significantly and will improve the overall sustainability and innovation capacity of European agricultural systems.


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Project Coordinator

  • Universiteit Gent, Belgium

Project Partners

  • Universita Degli Studi di Milano, Italy 
  • Politechnika Czestochowska, Poland 
  • United Experts, Belgium
  • Fundacion Cartif, Spain 
  • Johann Heinrich Von Thuenen-Institut, Bundesforschungsinstitut Fuer Laendliche Raeume, Wald Und Fischerei, Germany
  • Soltub Trade And Service Providing Limited Liabilty, Hungary 
  • Stichting Wageningen Research, Netherlands 
  • Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Portugal 
  • Kobenhavns Universitet, Denmark
  • 3R-BioPhoshate Ltd, Hungary 
  • Chambre Departementale d’Agriculture, France
  • Zuidelijke Land- En Tuinbouworganisatie Vereniging, Netherlands 
  • Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentaries, Spain 
  • Teagasc - Agriculture And Food Development Authority, Ireland 
  • European Biogas Association, Belgium
  • Ips Konzalting Doo Za Poslovne Usluge, Croatia
  • Inagro, Provinciaal Extern Verzelfstandigd Agentschap In Privaatrechtelijke Vorm Vzw, Belgium
  • Consorzio Italbiotec, Italy 


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