Both in the Netherlands and in Flanders, livestock farming generates considerable residues of manure. These residues are often exported to neighboring countries while Flemish and Dutch farmers buy considerable amounts of expensive mineral fertilizers.

The Interreg project ‘NITROMAN’, with working area in the Netherlands and Flanders, will investigate the conversion of the raw manure into mineral fertilizers. This would enable local livestock farms to have their manure residues locally processed into fertilizers. More specifically, the project focuses on the processing of the liquid fractions of pig and bovine manure. NITROMAN will test two different innovative techniques to recuperate considerable amounts of nitrogen, potassium and water from the liquid fraction of the manure. The recuperated nitrogen and potassium can subsequently be applied as fertilizer in the agriculture.


Pilot installations will be installed at a number of livestock farms located near the Flemish-Dutch border. The project also develops a calculation tool, that will enable companies to calculate if the circular manure treatment is economically viable and to evaluate the two different technical options. The acquired knowledge will be widely disseminated to the agricultural sector. Furthermore, companies interested in manure processing, can attend demonstrations  in order to make them familiar with the benefits of circular manure processing.


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Project coordinator 

Inagro, Belgium 


Project Partners 


  • Detricon, Belgium
  • DLV Advies, Netherlands
  • Provincie Antwerpen, Belgium
  • NCM, Netherlands
  • Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt, Belgium
  • PVL Bocholt, Belgium
  • Rusthoeve AIKC, Netherlands 
  • Strocon, Netherlands 
  • Ghent University, Belgium 
  • VCM - mestverwerking, Belgium 


Financial support from 

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