HIGFLY – HIGee to Furanic-based jet Fuel technologY

The EU-funded HIGFLY project plans to develop advanced technologies for producing jet fuels from abundant and sustainable biomass feedstocks. The research will also be geared towards developing highly efficient and scalable reactor and separation technologies for bio jet fuel production in a cost-effective way.

Driven to develop and demonstrate innovative technologies in a step-wise approach and under industrially relevant conditions (at TRL3-4), the HIGFLY project will elaborate robust catalytic materials and sustainable solvents for the renewable energy sector. 


Higfly's priorities 

  • HIGFLY will contribute to strengthen EU technological and economic leadership in the bioenergy sector by developing innovative, scalable technologies to produce sustainable aviation fuel, thus enabling the European innovation base across the energy sector and the chemical industry.
  • The advanced technologies developed by HIGFLY will have a significant socio-economic impact in terms of job generation and businesses.
  • Sectors associated with the construction, operation and R&D, feedstock logistics, distribution and/or production will benefit from the expected project results.
  • The international cooperation within the HIGFLY consortium is a key feature to achieve impactful scientific endeavors in relevant disciplines and ensure global impact of the technology developments.
  • HIGFLY'S technologies contribute to The Blue Growth Strategy by offering new process chains to further support the development of the European aquaculture sector and utilization of macroalgae as feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel production.


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Project Coordinator

  • TU/e, The Netherlands


Project Partner

  • TNO, The Netherlands
  • SkyNRG, The Netherlands
  • CSIC, Spain
  • Fraunhofer, Germany
  • Johnson Matthey, United Kingdom
  • Ifeu, Germany
  • Kneia, Spain
  • Boeing, Spain