GRass as a GReen Gas Resource - Energy from landscapes by promoting the use of grass residue as a renewable energy resource.

The GR3 (GRass as a GReen Gas Resource) project promotes the use of grass and other herbaceous residues from landscape management as a resource for biogas production. The energy potential of these residues remains underutilized across Europe. Barriers are insufficient awareness and acceptance of suitable technologies for the mowing, storage and anaerobic digestion of grass residues, absence or lack of cooperation between stakeholders along the value chain, as well as legal barriers. As a result, well-adapted supply chains of grass residues to biogas plants remain largely absent in the 5 targeted regions and beyond.

Therefore the primary aim of this project is to bring key actors and decision-makers together and provide them with technical, investment and legislative advice. This will increase the market uptake of these residues as a biogas feedstock. As such, the project will contribute to increased renewable energy production without competing with food production, to protect permanent grasslands from land use changes and to increase ecological landscape management.


  • DLV
  • Gerbio
  • Ghent University
  • Inagro
  • Izes
  • LNEG
  • Pro Natura
  • PXL
  • SDU
  • Uni Verona
  • Veneto Agricoltura