GasAbate N+: Additive Technology to Prevent Greenhouse Gas Emissions and to Enhance the Fertiliser and Bioeconomy Feedstock Value of Animal Manures and Slurries

GlasPort Bio has developed GasAbate N+, which acts on the microorganisms that cause methane and other polluting gases, when it added periodically to stored slurry and manure. The €2.5 million award in the EU funding shall be used to complete the product’s development to the point of market launch.

Trials have shown that the use of the additive results in a near-cessation of all gaseous emissions, not only massively cutting greenhouse gas production from slurry and manure, but making it more valuable as a fertiliser and renewable energy feedstock for anaerobic digestion (AD) plants.

In Europe, emissions from livestock manure and slurry account for approximately 15.5% of all GHG emissions form the agricultural sector, or 1.5% of all European emissions. GHGs are produced by microorganisms in these animal wastes, depleting the nitrogen and carbon content of the material and making it a weaker fertiliser and renewable energy resource, resulting in the need or more chemical fertiliser to be applied to farmland and for AD plants to purchase ‘energy crops’ to co-digest alongside slurry. GasAbate N+ solves this problem; with independent, validated tests showing results of:

  • Emitted >98% less GHG
  • Increased nitrogen content (> 33%)
  • Enhanced crop yields (by 15-30%) as a fertiliser
  • Displaced chemical fertilizers (by 29%)
  • Increased biogas output by 38% during AD

GasAbate N+ is safe, has no environmentally harmful residues and contains only food-safe ingredients.
No capital or implementation costs are required to deliver this simple, cost-effective solution.

Immediate economic savings are made by all users by use of the product.

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