FER-PLAY – Multi-assessment of alternative fertilisers for promoting local sustainable value chains and clean ecosystems

FER-PLAY is a Horizon Europe project facilitating the uptake of alternative fertilisers, to protect ecosystems, decrease EU dependence on fertiliser imports, foster circularity and improve soil health. The project will map and assess alternative fertilisers made from secondary raw materials, such as manure, and highlight their multiple benefits in order to promote their wide-scale production and use on field.



FER-PLAY employs a unique methodology to map the value chains and select the ones with best environmental, social and economic performance as well as technical and regulatory viability. FER-PLAY engages key stakeholders in co-creation of results and broadly disseminates them. The consortium gathers key players from the whole value chain: (i) 200+ alternative fertiliser producers from all the main types of secondary raw materials (producers of digestate, compost and struvite), (ii) entities representing conventional (1.5M members), organic (100,000 members) and young (200,000 members) farmers, (iii) a Pan-European network with +100 members representing public administrations, supported by waste valorisation and agriculture research institutes, market strategists and communication experts.


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Project coordinator

Cetenma, Spain


Project partners 

  • CIC, Italy 
  • European Biogas Association, Belgium
  • Nuresys, Belgium
  • Inagro, Belgium
  • Cetaqua, Spain
  • Draxis, Greece
  • Revolve, Belgium
  • ACR+, Belgium

  • Coldiretti, Italy

  • Naturland, Germany

  • Asaja, Spain