Co4 Energy aimed at designing a scheme for cooperation on small-scale digestion to support local sustainable biomass streams that were not fully valorized (green waste en food waste ) in Ghent and Meetjesland (region around the city Eeklo).


  • The cooperation was open to enterprises, housing projects, and local committees willing to cooperate on decentralized production of renewable energies and minimize their costs by providing biomass (= organic biological waste), or accepting an output stream (digestate, heat or electricity).
  • It was also open to social economy related organizations willing to undertake the logistics (collection of biomass). 
  • There were possibilities to open up the cooperation to civilians who wanted to participate for financial interests or added social value.

The Co4Energy project put in place a cooperative managed biogas installation with local cooperators as stakeholders. The project was the first of its kind in Flanders. Co4Energy was intended to go further the mere business plan, stimulating further application opportunities and boosting the foundation of other similar initiatives in Flanders.



  • Biogas-E
  • DLV Belgium
  • DLV Inno Vision
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