BioReCer – Biological Resources Certifications Schemes

BIORECER aims to ensure the environmental performance and traceability of the biological feedstock used by the bio-based industries, deploying guidelines to strengthen the current certification schemes.

Within this approach, the added value, the use, as well as social acceptance of bioproducts will be increased.

BIORECER will assess the impact of current and adapted certification schemes on consumers and bio-based industries stakeholders’ WTP along with industries and consumers’ acceptance of new bio-value chains from biological feedstocks, including residual feedstock and waste.

The project proposes first to design and develop a multidimensional framework to analyze and define the assessment of the environmental performance of biological resources and traceability that will be subsequently validated in 4 full bio-based systems and applicable to a wide range of bio-based value chains. This approach will be unfolded by the joint creation of two levels of interaction: a physical one through the creation of a BioResources Stakeholders Platform (BRSP) and a “digital” one through a BIORECER ICT tool (BIT) to amplify the “scope” of the project.


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Project Coordinator

  • Cetaqua, Spain


Project Partners

  • Universita' degli Studi di Roma UNITELMA Sapienza, Italy
  • Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • UNI - Ente Italiano di Normazione, Italy
  • Rise Processum AB, Sweden
  • Anfaco, Spain
  • Universita' Politecnica delle Marche, Italy
  • Meo Carbon Solutions GMBH, Germany
  • Cap Holding SPA, Italy
  • Nova Institut, Germany
  • Spring Sustainable Processes and Resources for Innovation and National Growth, Italy
  • Easy Global Market SAS, France
  • Certh, Greece
  • Associazione Cittadinanza Attiva, Italy
  • Betania Legio SL, Spain
  • Brunel University London, United Kingdom