BIORADAR – Monitoring system of the environmental and social sustainability and circularity of industrial bio-based systems

The BIORADAR project envisions a comprehensive approach to exploring the connections between bio-based systems and their applications, circularity, and environmental and social impacts.

The BIORADAR Project, funded and supported by the EU’s Horizon Europe programme and the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU), aims to help organisations, policymakers and investors have the necessary information to step towards a more sustainable, bio-based economic model by taking a system perspective to fill the indicator gaps in material circularity and evaluating the environmental and social impacts of industrial bio-based systems. This will be done through:


  • Improving metrics and frameworks for assessing environmental impacts and risks of industrial bio-based systems.
  • Defining circularity indicators and develop circularity assessment framework for industrial bio-based systems.
  • Evaluating the economic impact of closing the loop and climate change mitigation.
  • Address the social implications of circularity and sustainability in industrial bio-based systems.
  • Identifying patterns, best practices and up-scaling opportunities to form part of policy recommendations.
  • Developing a set of integrated digital tools taking into account the interconnectivity of all impacts.
  • Demonstrating the tools in bio-based textile, packaging, and fertiliser sectors.


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Project Coordinator

  • Yaghma B.V., The Netherlands


Project Partners

  • Hochschule fur Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg, Germany
  • IRIS Technology Solutions, Spain
  • Next Technology Tecnotessile Societa' Nazionale di Ricerca RL, Italy
  •  Kneia SL, Spain
  • UNI - Ente Italiano di Normazione, Italy
  • Asociacion Empresarial Centro Tecnologico de la Energia y del Medio Ambiente de la Region de la Murcia (CETENMA), Spain