BBioNets: Creation and promotion of Forest and Agriculture Networks to boost Bio-Based Technologies adoption and Value Chain development

BBioNets is a thematic network that relies on, promotes and further advances the work carried out by EIP-AGRI Operational Groups (OGs) with respect to the management and/or processing of agricultural and forest biomass with BBTs.


The objective is to incite primary producers all over Europe to embrace and adopt BBTs that will enable them to reduce GHG emissions, make better use of underutilised biomass, create new diversified incomes, reduce costs through circular practices, increase farm/forest sustainable management, and create/develop new value chains.

Applying the quintuple helix model and a multi-actor approach both within the consortium itself and on the ground activities, BBioNets will set up 6 regional Forest and Agriculture Networks - FANs (IE, EL, ES, IT, PL, CZ) that will ensure balanced representation of all AKIS stakeholders.

FANs will identify local needs and, through co-creation and joint actions, prioritise specific BBTs, benefit from and validate knowledge material developed by the consortium building on previous OG and EU-funded project results.

They will assist BBioNets in sharing BBT knowledge ready for practice to farmers and foresters, boosting the (re)definition of value chains, stimulating cross-fertilisation beyond borders, and bringing Europe to the forefront of farming, forestry, and bioeconomy with economically viable and sustainable practices


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Project Coordinator

  • Munster Technological University (MTU), Ireland

Project Partners

  • Agriculture and Food Development Authority (TEAGASC), Ireland

  • Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of the Agricultural Economy (CREA), Italy

  • Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (IUNG), Poland

  • Fundación Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA), Spain

  • American Farm School – Perrotis College (AFS), Greece

  • TEPRO Consultores Agrícolas SL (TEPRO), Spain

  • FOCUS Strategic Thinking Consultants PC (FOCUS), Greece

  • BIOEAST HUB CR (HUB-CR), Czech Republic