AGRIFORVALOR will close the research and innovation divide by connecting practitioners from agriculture and forestry with research, (bio-) industry, policy makers, business support organisations, innovation agencies and technology transfer intermediaries in multi-actor innovation partnership networks in order to valorize and exploit sidestream biomass resources from agriculture and forestry.

These networks will be managed by three Biomass Innovation Design Hubs, piloted in south of Spain (Andalucia), Hungary and Ireland. Hub managers will assist and coordinate activities in and between hubs in order to share knowledge to further exploit biomass sidestreams and build business models based on grass-root ideas.

AGRIFORVALOR thus delivers as mediator and facilitator new commercial opportunities for the agriculture and forest sector in Europe to become an active partner in the sidestream biomass value chain in terms of establishing a Bioeconomy.

The Vision of AGRIFORVALOR is to connect multi-actors in order to:

  • achieve new value chains
  • stimulate biomass sidestream market uptakes into value-added products

In the frame of the project, the Sidestream value tool was developed. It is a unique interactive online tool for sidestreams (residues, by-products, high value waste) from the agriculture and forestry.

The Sidestream value tool covers a broad range of sidestreams, e.g. whey, sunflower stem, vegetable residues. The products made from these sidestreams are e.g. packing material, tablewares, cosmetics, textile fibers, food / feed ingredients, energy and many more!


  • Steinbeis 2i GmbH (coordinator)
  • 16 other partners

Duration: 03/2016 – 08/2018



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