Nutrient Recycling Community


Initiated by the Biorefine Cluster Europe (BCE), the Nutrient Recycling Community started as a continuation of the EIP-AGRI Focus Group on Nutrient Recycling, which ended in November 2017.

Expanding the initial scope of the BCE community and favoring the knowledge exchange between experts in the field are the main goals of the Community. Within the Cluster, we want to:

  • build a larger community where members can share information on topics related to nutrient recycling;
  • set and achieve common objectives;
  • enhance dissemination and communication opportunities
  • give scientific support for policy recommandations on circular economy.   
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Our Community counts already more than 70 members, including universities and research organisations, EU and national associations, policy makers and others. 

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this knowledge-exchange experience! Help us promote the role of nutrient recycling in the next Research and Innovation framework, Horizon Europe!


Join the community

If you are interested in joining, please contact us at:

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About nutrient recycling

The concept of circular economy is based on the idea of extending as much as possible the lifecycle of any product by reusing and recycling it. This reduces waste and production costs and has a positive environmental impact.  Closing the loop of the nutrient cycle is part of the concept of circular economy. At the moment, nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, essential to life, are lost along the entire food chain. The introduction of nutrient recycling can change this and boost the bio-economy efforts in the EU.

EIP-Agri Focus Group on Nutrient Recycling: Final Report