11 10 2021

RE-Source Seminar Series “Bioresource Recovery– putting the circular economy to action. Waste to energy …and more!

Resource Recovery enthusiasts are invited to the second edition of the RE-Source Seminar Series “Bioresource Recovery– putting the circular economy to action”, organized by the RE-Source @AUGent and International Communities.

The first session will be on October 11 from 14h-16h30 with the theme “Waste to Energy… and more”!


Preliminary Programme

14h – 14h10 Introduction on the Seminar Series (Marcella Souza, UGent)

14h10 – 14h20 The RE-Source AOP Community (Evi Michels, UGent)

14h20 – 14h30 The RE-Source International Community (Ana Robles, UGent)

14h30 – 14h50 Anaerobic digestion in Europe: a bird’s-eye view (Gregory Reuland, UGent)

14h50 – 15h05 Coagulation in Combination with Anaerobic Digestion for Enhancement of Resource Recovery from Fecal sludge (Pengyu Dong, UGent)

15h05 – 15h15 Coffee break

15h15 – 15h35 Introduction to pyrolysis, possible pathways and outcomes, what we do and what we can do (Prof. Frederik Ronsse, UGent)

15h35 – 15h50 Activation from residual biomass with eutectic mixture of chlorine salts toward energy storage carbons: influence of temperature and salt to biomass ratio - Przemyslaw Maziarka

15h50 – 16h05 Catalytic pyrolysis of waste tires: elucidating the reaction kinetics, mechanisms and catalysts effects on product distribution - Tamara Alejandra Menares Tapia

16h05 – 16h30 Open questions session


You can register for this session via the link https://webappsx.ugent.be/eventManager/events/wastetoenergy.

More information about the Seminar Series can be found on https://www.re-source.bio/.



11 October 2021 - 11 October 2021