07 11 2022

Meet the project. The role of biomaterials in circular economy (7 November 2022)

The Biorefine Cluster Europe is delighted to invite you to the first episode of its 'Meet the project' webinar series.

This new format aims to showcase innovative solutions from projects of our community, striving to contribute to a more sustainable resource management in the framework of circular economy systems. For this first episode we would like to turn our spotlights on biomaterials and their role in fostering the transition to a greener economy.

Driven by the shortage of resources and the need to move from a fossil feedstock to a more renewable alternatives, the use of bio-based materials, such as natural fibers or polymers, can result in more sustainable and eventually biodegradable materials that will have a lower impact to the environment.

In this webinar, two Horizon projects, Bionanopolys and Ecofunco, will share their experiences on the topic and will discuss with us the different approaches they adopted, the promising results they achieved and the innovative solutions they are proposing.

Join us to learn more on how they tackle the challenge of using biomaterials in circular economy!

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07 November 2022 - 07 November 2022