24 06 2021

Grassification webinar ‘Bermen maaien: grondstof oogsten’

The Grassification project is delighted to invite you to the webinar 'Mowing verges: harvesting raw materials' on 24 June 2021 from 14:00 pm to 16:00 CET. Due to the corona measures, the event, which was originally a demo day, will be held online.

The Grassification project focuses on processing roadside grass clippings into raw materials and new bio-based materials. During the webinar, we will showcase a virtual demonstration of the new cutting head that was specially developed to deliver quality roadside grass clippings.

The webinar will discuss the different steps in the value chain:

* how will the management of verges happen in the future?
* what does a custom cutting cutlery look like?
* how does the pretreatment of the cutting take place?
* can a roadside fibers receive a raw material declaration?

The webinar ends with a debate in which we will discuss opportunities and challenges of using verges within a transition to a circular, bio-based economy.

The event is held in Dutch only. 

You can check the programme and register here!



24 June 2021 - 24 June 2021