06 10 2022

LignoValue Pilot Launch & Networking Event (06 October 2022)

On 6 October 2022, Shared Research Center Biorizon & VITO's LignoValue Pilot Plant will organise a live networking event and guided tour at VITO in Mol, Flanders. On this occasion, the LignoValue Pilot Plant will be officially launched.

This year’s Biorizon Year Event is split into a live and a virtual part, allowing for live networking opportunities and a visit to the impressive LignoValue Pilot Plant, as well as in-depth information on the current technological development of renewable aromatics with premium properties. To this end, a virtual annual event on Bio-Aromatics will be organised on 1 December 2022.

What can you expect from the Biorizon & LignoValue Event on 6 October:

  • Bus visit to the LignoValue Pilot Plant at VITO in Mol, Flanders.
  • Live networking, if desired arranged in advance.
  • Short presentations to formally launch the LignoValue Pilot Plant & a short update by Biorizon.

The LignoValue Pilot Plant (a €4.3 million project) was designed and built by VITO, PMV and Worley Belgium for the depolymerisation of lignin into innovative biobased aromatics in Flanders. This enables companies to take further steps in developing applications with bio-based aromatics. Dozens of companies are showing interest in these innovative molecules and have expressed their willingness to carry out application tests.

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Boeretang 200
2400 Mol

06 October 2022 - 06 October 2022