From 27 until 29 November, the third edition of ManuREsource took place at Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and welcomed more than 230 participants from 28 countries. At this third edition the legislative framework concerning manure has been addressed extensively in the presence of members of the European Commission DG ENVI and DG GROW. Economic feasibility, marketability of the products and public awareness remain the main obstacles for the transition to a circular manure processing.

Several projects related to “Nutrient Recycling” where granted the “Common dissemination booster” services under the coordination of the Biorefine Cluster Europe. These services will be granted by a EU consultant that will boost our dissemination efforts to common stakeholders. The learnings from these efforts will enable us to extend this service to other projects within the Cluster.

Common Dissemination Booster

The BioRefine Cluster Europe was originally founded in 2014 under the INTERRGE-NWE project Biorefine, from the realization that there were many projects out there dealing with similar topics on recovery of resources from biobased streams. The Cluster aimed at stronger and smarter collaboration between these initiatives. This implies an ensured after-life for project outcomes after a project ends, as well as stronger stakeholder outreach by comparing and aligning communication plans of these projects during their operational period.

The INTERREG-NWE PHOS4YOU project was succesfully launched by organizing a European conference in Basel (October 18-20 2017). The project will test and introduce 6 industrial demonstration pilots at municipial wastewater treatment facilities in North-West Europe with the objective of recovering phosphorus as critical raw material (CRM) from wastewater.

The focus groups under the European Innovation Partnerships (EIP) of the European Commission have a dedicated task for 2-3 years, after which an end-report brings conclusion to the expert activities. In light of furthering collaboration and raising awareness, the Focus Group on Nutrient Recycling has decided to continue the collaboration after this period.

Since January 2016, 16 applications were submitted by the central management team of the Biorefine Cluster. In October 2017, the team scored a hat trick with 3 grants on 3 project proposals: ALG-AD, NEW-C-COUNTRY, RENU2FARM.

The BIOSURF (Biomethane as Sustainable and Renewable Fuel – project has thoroughly studied the conditions for opening the whole European market for biomethane distributed through the natural gas network. It was concluded that an independent, professional and transparent administrative system is necessary to ensure market confidence and exclude double counting and double sale. The system is based on the cooperation of the national biomethane registries (presently in 8 European countries) and is designed to for easy expansion for all other states.