Securing Long Term Landbank for Composts, Digestates and other Bioresources

Although materials such as biosolids and food-based digestates have different origins, the challenges with land bank access and security can be very similar.

To date, there is little or no evidence that this creates issues in soils where these materials are applied – but the topic is of acute media interest, and perception that there might be an issue is likely to be high.



At the same time, the business of land application is often a cost centre.

The demonstrable fertiliser value of materials does not always cover the costs associated with hauling, storing and applying them to land – and in many cases no attempt is made to recover even part of these costs from the end user.

This one day event brings together a cross-sector panel of experts to discuss issues of risk, perception, communication, quality assurance, marketing and product development – all focussed on ensuring long term and sustainable access to landbank for bioresources.


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