ManuREsource - International Conference on Manure Management and Valorization

ManuREsource is an international conference stimulating the exchange of experiences between regions on the policy measures taken for coping with manure surpluses, both in terms of manure management in a broad sense, and more specifically in terms of manure treatment.


On European level, nutrient recovery from manure is high on the agenda. Different member states also emphasize the importance of nutrient recovery from manure and circular agriculture as a whole. 

During ManuREsouce 2019, the remaining challenges in the transition of the manure management will be tackled with the different international stakeholders involved in manure management and valorisation: researchers, policymakers, lifestock and crop farmers, feed industry, (mineral) fertilizer industry and agrofood concerns.

Registration for the conference and the call for abstracts will be opened in spring 2019, for which you will receive further notification.

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