International Autumn school 'From waste to microalgae: an example of circular economy'

The school will investigate the core theme of the circular economy: the recovery of CO2 and nutrients to produce valuable products and feedstocks. In particular, the discussion will focus on the context of one of the main biorefinery in Lombardy and Europe, biogas, combined with one of the most promising biotechnologies: the cultivation of microalgae. The speakers will present the state of the art of biogas upgrading technologies and CO2 recovery and will give a taste of the latest research developments on selective CO2 absorption with nanoporous materials. 


The researchers involved in the challenge of large-scale cultivation of microalgae will share their experience, highlighting problems and advantages related to the recovery of wastes (slurry, wastewater, digestate) to make this technology competitive in Europe. The business world will present microalgae-based products that can be sold on the market and successful case history, in which innovative products with high added value (biostimulants) have brought value to the traditional agricultural sectors.


The school is designed for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, working in universities, public and private research centres. Applications are welcome from all countries. The participation is free of charge. In order to attend the summer school, CV, motivation letter and Application Module) should be sent to:




University of Milan, Palazzo Feltrinelli,

Via Castello 3 25084 Gargnano (Brescia), Italy