Fostering the Transition towards a Circular Economy in Europe - Turning Waste into a Resource

The concept of circular economy has gained significant prominence, becoming more widespread and pervasive in the last ten years. Taking into account the whole product life-cycle, circular economy offers an alternative model that promotes reuse, repair, refurbishment and recycling, recuperating rare raw materials and transforming waste into a resource. Eurostat calculates that the EU households and economic activities generate about billion tonnes of waste per year, billion of which are not reused or recycled.


This timely symposium will provide an invaluable opportunity for industry experts, policy makers, academics, NGOs and other key stakeholders to review the latest European regulatory policy developments on the Circular Economy Package and discuss strategies aimed at promoting a more sustainable economy. The symposium will allow delegates to assess the current challenges to the transition towards a more circular economy, consider ways to overcome them, set future priorities and share best practice and initiatives from across Europe.

Key speakers:

  • Hugo Schally, Head of Unit - Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption, DG ENV, European Commission
  • Iain Gulland, CEO, Zero Waste Scotland
  • Philippe Micheaux Naudet, Deputy Secretary General, ACR+
  • Ella Stengler, Managing Director, CEWEP (Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants)

Overview (10:00 am -04:30 pm): 

Session 1 - Reviewing Recent Developments in the EU Policy Framework
Session 2 - Waste: From Problem to Resource  
Session 3 - Investing in Sustainability and Innovation 
Session 4 - Tackling the Prevention Side: Producing Less, Reusing More

Delegates will:

  • Review the state of play of the Circular Economy Package and the related legislative initiatives
  • Learn about indicators and benchmarks to measure the progression of Member States and the EU as a whole towards an extension of products and materials life-cycle  
  • Evaluate actions, strategies  and campaigns both at the EU and at the Member States levels on the fight to food waste
  • Participate in discussions about the role local authorities can play in the implementation of a better municipal waste management system
  • Debate novelties in the field of recovery and recycling of materials, how e-waste can be recuperated and the relevance of the waste hierarchy
  • Determine ways in which Ecodesign can support the ultimate goal of living more sustainably and producing less waste 
  • Share best practice and industry innovations to help kick-start the transition towards sustainability 
  • Take part in lively and interactive discussions with key stakeholders in the field of circular economy and build lasting partnerships

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