ESNI 2020_LCA of Technologies for Nutrient Recycling and Production of Biobased Fertilisers – Can we Develop Common Standards?

LCA is now seen by stakeholders as an integral part of the environmental management tool-kit. Although LCAs are gaining precedence, the level of knowledge for LCAs among non-practitioners remains low. Even amongst the LCA fraternity, there is still a divide between certain issues (for example: allocation versus system expansion). At this moment, the key challenge in the field is to improve its credibility and quality control.    

The ESNI-LCA session features practitioners working on nutrient recycling and bio-based fertilizer production. Our speakers share their experiences from EU projects, the methodological challenges concerning LCAs to help answer the question-“Can we develop common standards for LCAs of nutrient recycling and bio-based fertilizer production?


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