ESNI 2020 -European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative

The European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative - ESNI - will be back the next 27 October.

The first successful edition of ESNI provided a comprehensive overview on the opportunities and benefits of nutrient recycling to boost research, agriculture and sustainable development. The second edition reinforces this commitment.



Policy-makers, researchers, industry representatives and many other stakeholders will discuss how to raise awareness on the benefits of nutrient recycling and reuse (NRR). Parallel sessions will be dedicated to policy measures, innovative solutions and technological developments on nutrient recycling.

The event will take place at the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) in Brussels.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend these events aimed to put nutrient recycling high on the EU circular economy agenda!

Details on the programs will come soon..

You can register here


Poster session

poster session will complement the ESNI Conference providing insights on the most relevant initiatives promoting nutrient recycling in Europe.

Check here and discover how to participate!



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