20th Nitrogen Workshop

Coupling C-N-P-S cycles

Nitrogen Workshop

The Nitrogen Workshop is a biennial event bringing together specialists in nitrogen cycling from all over the world. Initiated by Rothamsted Research in the early 1980s, the workshop’s scientific contributions have progressively broadened from N processes in cropping systems and arable soils to more general agricultural and environmental issues linked to the N cycle over a wide range of scales.

For this 20th edition, while maintaining the main focus on N, we would like to encourage contributions that consider interactions between the N cycle and C, P and S cycles at these scales which bring with them challenging scientific and environmental issues. 

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Venue: Rennes is the capital of Brittany, in western France, only 1.5 hours from Paris by train. Brittany is not only a region of great cultural, environmental and touristic interest but the main agricultural region of France for livestock and field vegetable production. N-related issues have been particularly acute there for nearly four decades and the subject of multidisciplinary research and innovative governance. The workshop will be held in the brand-new convention centre, “Le Couvent des Jacobins”, a wonderfully renovated 650-year-old monastery in the medieval heart of the city. 

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Side event: Nutrient management and decision support systems

27th June 2018
AGROCAMPUS OUEST, 65 rue de Saint Brieuc, Rennes - FRANCE

Just after the workshop, RMT F&E will organise a side event to share knowledge and experience about nutrient management tools used worldwide. Scientific bases and implementation strategies will be compared through oral presentations, posters and demonstrations. The side event is co-organised by the Fertilisation & Environment joint technological network (RMT Fertilisation & Environnement), a group of experts from research, training and advisory organizations, and the COMIFER Association, the French Committee for the Study and Development of sustainable Fertilization. 
The workshop is organised by INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research).

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Le Couvent des Jacobins, Rennes – France