13th World Congress on Agriculture & Horticulture

Recent innovations and implementation of modern technologies in Agriculture

Agriculture & Horticulture Agri 2018

We are delighted to welcome you to Zurich for the prestigious “13th International Conference on Agriculture & Horticulture”, going to be held during September 10-12, 2018 at Zurich, Switzerland with a theme “Recent innovations and implementation of modern technologies in Agriculture”. Agri  2018 aims to accelerate scientific discoveries and major milestones in the current situation, challenges and innovations relating to agriculture and its relevant areas.

Conference Highlights

• Plant Biotechnology
• Sustainable Agriculture
• Agronomy and Crop Sciences
• Greenhouse & Horticulture
• Applied Plant Science
• Plant Tissue Culture
• Seed Science & its advancements
• Biofertilizers and Biopesticides
• Plant Pathology and Entomology
• Agriculture Engineering & its Applications
• Crop Protection and Awareness
• Agricultural Biotechnology & Agroforestry
• Global Climate Change
• Natural Resources Management
• Rice & Wheat Research
• Bioenergy & Energy Conservation
• Plant Phonology and Physiology
• Biotechnology for Agricultural Waste Recycling
• Algae, Fungi and Lichens
• Medicinal & Ornamental Plants
• Post-harvest technology
• Livestock Farming & Production
• Organic Farming
• Transgenic Plants and Soil Microbes
• Phototherapy and Ethno botany
• Agribussiness & Entrepreneurship

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