European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative - ESNI 2019

Nutrient recycling has an essential role to play on circular economy. Closing nutrient cycles can provide substantial benefits for EU citizens and their environment and generate major new economic value.


A series of EU projects have joined forces to promote the importance of nutrient recycling by organising the first edition of ESNI, the European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative, that will take place at the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) on 22 January in Brussels.  

This open to all and free of charge event will provide a comprehensive overview on the opportunities and benefits of nutrient recycling to boost research, agriculture and sustainable development. In addition, different parallel workshops will be focusing on the current policy measures, innovative solutions and technological developments on nutrient recycling.

 Do not miss the opportunity to attend the reference EU event on nutrient recycling that will gather together policy-makers, researchers, industry representatives and many other stakeholders aiming to put nutrient recycling high on the EU circular economy agenda. 

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